Refried Pinto Beans (Canned)  2.5k

Refried Pinto Beans (Canned) 2.5k


Refried Pinto Beans

Product Code: REFRIA2

Pack Size: 1 x 3 kg

Brand: La Sierra

Country of Origin: Mexico

Our Refried Pinto Beans have a deep flavour and thick texture, which is essential for any restaurant or burrito bar.

Temperature: Ambient

Suitable For: Vegetarian Coeliacs

  • Nutritional Information per 100g
    Energy 491 kJ/118 kcal
    Fat 5.8g
    of which saturates 1.2g
    Carbohydrates 9.3g
    of which sugars 0.2g
    Protein 5.0g
    Salt 0.8g